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What we believe. Values we live by.

Skincare specialists, Rawganic Skincare, launched in 2018 when founders Sally Lillie and Jesse Parsons identified a gap in the market for affordable organic skincare that shows results. It is designed and branded to help identify the 5 main types of conditions your skin might have. 

Branding our products this way not only makes it easier for beauty colleges and students to identify what product to use on their clients but also teaches them which organic active ingredients hydrate, heal, calm, reduce fine lines and balance your skin.

Rawganic Skincare immediately gained a reputation for providing professional and tailored services. Following this success, the company has expanded to sell a wide range of beauty salon supplies & deliver workshops around Melbourne. 

Director, Sally, began her beauty and health career 32 years ago successfully owning small naturopathic health and beauty salons to large wellbeing day spas, now currently working part time in well-known beauty RTO’s.

The strong relationships and industry knowledge built during her career allow Sally and Jesse and their dynamic team to deliver quality services and products that consistently exceed client expectations.

The Story of the Elements & how they are connected to our skin

Age Defying/ Anti-Ageing Range
Skin Types: All skin types/ Skin Maintenance
Colour: Purple
Element: Spirit
Why: The element of the spirit is the celestial energy of divinity & power, like how the age defying range has celestial effects to give your skin that pure energy to always look young & healthy.

HydraGlow Range
Skin Types: Dry Skin
Element: Earth
Why: The earth element represents stability, grounding and strength. Just as our skin, the largest organ, does for our body. To grow beautiful, healthy and tall, trees must grow sturdy roots which stretch deep into rich soil. We too must enrich our skin with the necessary nutrients.

Redness Repair/Sensitive Skin
Skin Types:
Sensitive, Rosacea & Couperose
Colour: Red
Element: Fire
Why: The element of fire is the living symbol of the fire that burns in your soul, it is a source of energy that requires careful moderation & control, or you will get burnt, like how this range will help you control & moderate your sensitive skin with the soothing & calming effect of green tea extracts & lavender

Remedial Derma/ Healing Range
Skin Types: Dry or oily Congested skin
Colour: Yellow
Element: Air
Why: Air represents the breath of life! It is an exchange of electrons or flow of energy. Just like how this range clears & purifies your pores to get rid of the congestion & bring back that new fresh breath of life to your skin.

Skin Balancing/ Oily Range
Skin Types:
Oily Skin
Element: Water
Why: Like the ocean, water symbolizes layers & under currents. It helps rinse to give your mind & soul purification which is what this skin range will do for your skin, purifying & refining your pores for even flow of oil.