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Anti-ageing Mist - 250ml


Product Description:

Highly concentrated fruit and herbal extracts in a purified water base with plenty of age defy actions such as decreasing pigmentation, and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Certified Organic Clary Sage - This essential oil will nourish moisturise & uplift tired skin

With its strong anti-aging properties Clary Sage oil can reduce fine lines and prevent premature wrinkles.

Certified Organic Kakadu Plum Extract - The Kakadu Plum fruit has the highest known Vitamin C concentration of any single natural food source in the world. 10x more than any other fruit, making it an excellent antioxidant and efficient age defyer.

The high concentration of vitamin C helps with synthesis of collagen & elastin, therefore high anti-ageing properties.

Kakadu Plum is a native tree from Australia which is found exclusively in the Northern Territory and around Arnhem Land.

Indigenous Aborigines have used this plant and its fruit extensively for food as well as for its traditional healing properties.


When to apply:

Our mists are very versatile. You can use it after cleansing or throughout the day as part of your skin treatment when rebalancing skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Take it anywhere you go to spritz this mist anytime, as many times needed to slow the process of ageing. 

HINT: This spritz revives make up! Spray it over your makeup to give your face a healthy dewy look. 


How to Apply: SHAKE!

Spritz this mist like no other!

Use after cleanse &/or exfoliant or just to refresh and hydrate dry skin.

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