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Skin Balancing Mask - 125ml


Product Description:

This clay mask draws impurities and smells fresh, whilst balancing oil production. You will feel a smooth finish with a more balanced oil/water ratio on your skin.
Your skin will be ready for your light fusion leaving it feeling amazing, clean, fresh and smooth.


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Organic Olive Green Australian Clay - Contains Kaolin and Quartz for detoxification of acne prone skin and balances oil gland production. The minerals in the clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin, and act as an aid for repairing.

Certified Organic Cranberry Extract - The acidic nature of cranberry juice helps people with oily skin. The enzymes present in this fruit exfoliate dead skin and unclog the sebaceous glands which prevent the formation of sebum.

Certified Organic Lime Extract - has a crisp, refreshing citrus scent that has been used for its uplifting and revitalising properties. It can also act as an astringent on the skin where it is reputed to help clear oily skin.


When to apply:

This Mask can be used once to twice a week after you cleanse or exfoliate for a more efficient infusion of all your active ingredients in your serums, fusions and balms.


How to Apply: SHAKE!

Apply a thick coat of mask  on your face/neck. Smear this mask on like you mean it!

Remove this piece of earth after 7-8 minutes before it sets/cracks.
Gently press a warm wet towel or sponge to dampen the mask for ease of removal.

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