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Calming Mist - 250ml



Product Description:

Calm your red skin in a spritz when the heat is on! to cool your skin.

This super calming spritz contains Certified Organic Lavandin Oil and Green Tea Extract which has a rejuvenating, cell renewal and healing effect on the skin which is soothing to any skin irritation.
Green tea especially reduces Inflammation and helps repair the effects of ageing and environmental factors


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Certified Organic Lavandin - This oil has stimulating cell renewal effects which helps with calming, soothing & healing irritated skin.

Certified Organic Green Tea Extract - Reduces Inflammation, helps repair the effects of ageing and environmental factors.


When to apply:

Our mists are very versatile. You can use it after cleansing or throughout the day as part of your skin treatment, when rebalancing skin problems such as hot skin flushes, couperose, rosacea and reactive skin. Take this anywhere & spritz this mist anytime, as many times needed.

HINT: This spritz revives make up! Spray it over your makeup to give your face a healthy dewy look.


How to Apply: SHAKE!

Spritz this mist like no other!

Use it after cleansing, exfoliating or just to refresh and reinforce that therapeutic action!








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