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Age Defy Cleanser - 250ml


Product Description:

A creamy silky cleanser that glides and emulsifies all your makeup and debris that has built up throughout the day and through the night. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.


Active Ingredients and Actions:

 Certified Organic Clary Sage - This essential oil will nourish moisturise & uplift tired skin

With its strong anti-aging properties Clary Sage oil can reduce fine lines and prevent premature wrinkles.


When To Apply:

Morning & night.

In the shower or after the shower, as many times a day as needed.


How To Apply: SHAKE!

Add 4 to 5 pumps to your fingers.

Massage each & every pore on your face and neck.

Emulsify all that makeup &/or grime you’ve worked so hard to accumulate!
Rinse off with H2O Repeat.

Type: Cleanser

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