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Redness Repair Cleanser - 250ml


Product Description:

Silky smooth creamy cleanser that soothes and calms the skin.

This suits the most sensitive skin conditions as well as strengthens the skin's integrity.
It removes makeup and can be used as often as you need.


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Certified Organic Lavandin - This oil has stimulating cell renewal effects which helps with calming, soothing & healing irritated skin.

Certified Organic Green Tea Extract - Reduces Inflammation, helps repair the effects of ageing and environmental factors.


When to use:

Morning & night.

In the shower or after the shower, as many times a day as needed.


How to use : SHAKE!

Add 4 to 5 pumps to your fingers.

Massage each & every pore on your face and neck.

Emulsify all that make up &/or grime you’ve worked so hard to accumulate!
Rinse off with H2O Repeat.

Type: Unknown Type