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Healing Seaweed Mask - 125ml


Product Description: 

This wonderful healing seaweed mask is very high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Seaweed strengthens the skin's barrier whilst healing. Sea plant products are the most compatible products with our own bodily fluids so our skin easily absorbs and utilises all the nutrients to do what they have to do…..heal and strengthen skin.


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Organic Seaweed (Ascophyllan Nodosum) - A brown seaweed commonly known as Bladder Wrack or Kelp. Forms part of the botanical order, algae.
A particularly rich source of minerals, trace elements and other nutrients is an ideal human health food. 
All the essential organic minerals including all known trace elements are in balanced proportions.

-  14 Vitamins including B12 (not found in land plants) & Vitamin E.

-  16 Amino acids.

-  Phytohormones - betaines, cytokinin's, auxins, gibberellins (growth enhancers).

-  Special carbohydrates are more readily available than from land plants. Great for healing scars.

Up to 10% organic chelators and a rich stable source of iodine. Entirely natural product free from artificial ingredients, additives, flavours, scent & colours. This mask heals and clears congestion.

Certified Organic Tea Tree – Restores the skin's natural balance, helps minimise impurities and congestion.

The skin will feel refreshed and clean with the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree. Use it everyday to help balance problem skin. 

Certified Organic Gotu Kola Extract - Increases the strength of the dermis and keratinisation (healing) of the epidermis of the skin.

Stimulates blood vessel growth into connective tissue, increases antioxidant and collagen concentration in wounds which helps with the skin healing.


When to apply:

This Mask can be used once to twice a week after you cleanse or exfoliate for a more efficient infusion of all your active ingredients in your serums, fusions and balms.


How to Apply:

Apply a thick coat of mask  on your face/neck. Smear this mask on like you mean it!
Remove this piece of earth after 7-8 minutes before it sets/cracks.
Gently press a warm wet towel or sponge to dampen the mask for ease of removal.

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