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Nourishing Mist - 250ml


Product Description:

Spritz this mist for a super hydrated skin. This mist contains Certified Organic Patchouli and Certified Organic Bilberry extract, high in antioxidants plus hydration! 


Active Ingredients and Actions:

Certified Organic Patchouli - Traditionally has been used for promoting a smooth, glowing complexion as it has moisturising qualities. Patchouli also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

Certified Organic Bilberry Extract - Facilitates the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to all layers of the skin. This also helps the skin receive other nutrients that help maintain its elasticity and suppleness, including oil moisture balance. 


When to apply:

Our mists are very versatile. You can use after cleansing or throughout the day as part of your skin treatment when rebalancing skin problems.

Spritz this mist anytime, as many times needed when you feel dry and dehydrated, which especially occurs when you are in and out of buildings with heating or cooling. 

HINT: This spritz revives make up! Spray it over your makeup to give your face a healthy dewy look. 


How to Apply: SHAKE!

Spritz this mist like no other!

Use after cleanse &/or exfoliant or just to refresh and hydrate dry skin.

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